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6ft Standing Flame Light

6ft Standing Flame Simulation Light.
Safe for indoor use and around curtains.

from AU$27.50

American DJ Inno Pocket Fusion

The Inno Pocket Fusion features a 12W LED barrel mirror scanner with a 4.9mW green laser.

RRP AU$599.00 AU$495.00

Chauvet BOB™ LED

BOB™ LED is the market's leading simulated flame effect light, but generates no heat. This LED powered, duty-cycle free fixture perfectly simulates a flickering cauldron.


Chauvet Intimidator Spot 255 IRC

Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a feature-rich moving head spot fitted with a 60 W LED.


CR Fusion

The CR-Lite Fusion is another creative 3-in-1 light effect that combines colorful moonflower, red/green laser module and strobe effect.

RRP AU$349.00 AU$250.00

CR LED Pinspot

The LED Pinspot includes two front focal lens options to produce hard-edge beams for a variety of applications.

RRP AU$69.00 AU$60.00

CR LED Power Partybar

Ready to go, the LED Power Partybar comes with four heads with 3 x 9W Tri LED, lighting stand, foot controller and carry cases. Perfect for any Band or DJ, easy to set up and use and includes sequence effects without the hassle of a DMX controller!


CR LED Slim Par 56

A lightweight and compact LED PAR Can fitted with 18 3-in-1 RGB LEDs.


CR Lite Kanjo

CR Lite Kanjo mini moving head powered by an group of seven energy-efficient Tri-RGB LEDs


CR Lite Mix Partybar Pro

The brand new CR Lite Mix Partybar now features a brighter wash and white/UV strobe lights.

RRP AU$629.00 AU$575.00

CR Lite UV Slim Bar

CR Lite UV Slim Bar 2-in-1 fixture with UV and White Strobe


CR Magik Par 12 x 6W RGBWA-UV

CR Magik Par 12 x 6W with Red, Green, Blue, White, Amber and Ultra Violet

RRP AU$499.00 AU$400.00

CR Mix Laser 3-in-1

This new 3 in 1 unique light combines laser, strobe and disco lighting effect together to make unique lighting effects.


CR Mix Partybar

The CR Mix Partybar combines traditional derby lighting and par lighting along with a grating laser and strobe led.


CR Razor

Razor features broader coverage than derby effect twice its size by sharp laser-like multicolour beams through 48 groups of professional optical lenses, punching through nearly any ambient lighting.



from AU$27.50

CR Razor ST

CR Lite Razor ST effect light with derby and strobe effect


CR Reaktor 3-in-1

3-in 1 light effect that combines 12 powerful white strobe LEDs with a 30mW RG laser module and a double RGBWA moonflower effect.


CR-Lite Aqua

The Aqua is a multi-coloured flowing water effect powered by a 40W LED.


Enferno Flame Light

Enferno flame simulation light.
Safe for indoor use and around curtains…

from AU$38.50

Event Lighting DARKSTAR

DARKSTAR - 2-in-1 Effect (Fat Beam + White Strobe) with Remote

RRP AU$269.00 AU$225.00

Event Lighting M1S75W

Compact Mover with Pro Features and Big Punch

RRP AU$1590.00 AU$1300.00

Event Lighting NITROBALL

NITROBALL Spherical DJ Light 5 pcs 8W 4-in-1 RGBW LEDs


Event Lighting ORBIT

ORBIT - 3 in 1 Effect - LED Matrix, LED Multi Beam and White LED Strobe

RRP AU$199.00 AU$170.00

Event Lighting PAN4X1X15

4 x COB RGB 15W LED Pixel Control Panel

RRP AU$329.00 AU$265.00

Event Lighting PAN4X1X30

4 x COB RGB 30W LED Pixel Control Panel

RRP AU$429.00 AU$345.00

Event Lighting PARRGBWAU12x12

This spotlight is compact and light weight but durable. Utilising 12x 12W RGBWAUV 6 colour LEDs it is blindingly bright and the use of a LCD panel makes this flat par easy to use.

RRP AU$729.00 AU$585.00

Event Lighting PARRGBWAU5x12

Who said that Amber and UV need to come in a large can? The PARRGBWAU5x12 is compact and feature packed.

RRP AU$399.00 AU$315.00

Event Lighting Pixbar 12x8 8W

Pixbar 12x8 8W 4 in 1 RGBW LED 1 meter Pixel control bar

RRP AU$599.00 AU$475.00

Event Lighting SABER

SABER - 2 x 12W CREE RGBW Rotating Beam Effect


Event Lighting StrobeX

This intense white LED strobe provides blinding output that will dazzle audiences.

RRP AU$729.00 AU$615.00


Projects multi-coloured static, moving or sound-activated logos for special events.
See more info for a list of logos...

from AU$38.50

iSolution iC3000 Colour Mix Light

The iColor 3000 is a powerful, professional color mixer which comes with red, green and blue heat-resistant dichroic lenses. Great pre-programmed lighting shows gives the iColor 3000 an amazing performance.

from AU$44.00

iSolution iShow 6S

A professional DMX-controllable or sound-activated multi-gobo scanner with separate colour and gobo wheels.

from AU$38.50


Sound-activated FX light featuring 12 swirling, multi-coloured 3D gobos that create kaleidoscope effects! Perfect for a retro themed party! Ask our hire staff for different ways we can make your themed events unique!

from AU$33.00


10m festoon lengths, with White or various coloured paper lanterns. 14 inch lanterns or various sizes on one length. Ideal for weddings, indoor and outdoor functions.

from AU$55.00

Lava Lamps

Two chrome lava lamps with red wax. Great for a retro themed party!

from AU$22.00

LED Astro White

A half mirror ball effect light that produces white dots on the walls. DMX controllable.

from AU$27.50

LED Starball

The LED Starball features a remote, sound activation and auto shows!

RRP AU$75.00 AU$50.00

LED Waterwave 10W

Colour changing Wave FX light with LED. Featuring the latest LED technology and high efficient optical system, the LED Water Wave delivers bright, vivid water wave effects, creating a romantic atmosphere.

from AU$27.50

Litecraft LED RGBW Multipar

The LED MultiPAR 12FC is a professional LED based light with not only full color mixing capability, but also true white.

RRP AU$1024.00 AU$795.00


from AU$33.00

Litecraft LED-MS500A

Litecraft LED-MS500A moving head spot light with 100W White LED

RRP AU$1915.00 AU$1550.00

Mirror Ball

Available in various sizes, prices starting at $25 for 8" mirror ball.

Price: CALL

Mirrorball Motor

Mirror ball motors starting at 2-16" and going up to 8-30"


Mirrorball Package - 12inch

This package includes a 12inch/30cm mirrorball, mirrorball motor and two pinspot lights. Great for disco and retro themes, weddings and various parties and functions. Coloured gels are also available for the pin spot lights.

from AU$33.00

Mirrorball Package - 16inch

This package includes a 16inch/40cm mirrorball, mirrorball motor and two pinspot lights. Great for weddings, discos, dance parties and a range of functions.

from AU$38.50

Mirrorball Package - 20 Inch

20" mirror ball with safety chain, heavy duty 1 RPM motor, two pin spot lights and hook clamps.

from AU$49.50

Phantom 1.8W RGB ILDA 30k Laser

RGB ILDA controllable laser 1000mW Blue, 300mW Green and 500mW Red. 30k high speed optical scanner, sound active, auto, DMX (12ch) master/slave, ILDA. DMX control offers X and Y axis moving and rolling movements, colour selection, rotation, zooming, drawing as well as line or dots display selection. Hooked on ILDA software, this will allow you to display your programmed designs with texts effects, logos and all types of moving 3D effects. ILDA controller (Quickshow and iShow) and laptop available for $110. Laser includes a full sized flight case with the cost

from AU$165.00

Pinspot Light

Pinspot Light featuring housing, globe, 4 gel colours and desk stand

RRP AU$75.00 AU$50.00


Sound-activated barrel FX light with multiple patterns and colours.

from AU$33.00

SDV Festival RGBW LED Effect Light

The LED Festival RGBW creates a spectacular light shows with its 320x RGBW LEDs by producing bright vibrant colourful beams of light from its five LED clusters.

from AU$27.50


The Acme Rage projects widely dispersed beams of light via its 28 lenses.

from AU$27.50


Sound activated FX light with multiple patterns and colours.
The lighting effects cover a large area of over 180 degrees.

from AU$33.00

Strobe Light 1500watt

Ultra-bright 1500watt strobe light with external controller

from AU$38.50

Strobe Light 750watt

Super-bright 750watt strobe light with external controller. Multiple strobe patterns with speed and intensity adjustments. Automatic or sound activated.

from AU$33.00

Waterwave II

Projects a water effect image in rotating colours, with the option to pause on a single colour.

from AU$27.50

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